Clare (happeh_hobbit) wrote,

Stolen from NC

Instructions: write ten [very personal] statements intended to different people. never tell which one is for who. (they do not have to be on your friends list)

1. You. You're my best friend in the whole entire world. That sounds cheesy. I've known you since we were ten and nine years old, and we enjoy singing together and both share a love of frogs, monkeys and pirate gold.

2. I haven't spoken to you so regularly lately, but you're a very spiffy person. You -taught- me how to RP-non-LotR, and even though it's not -that- hard a crossover, you still taught me a lot about developing characters and giving them specific habits etc.

3. You did me the grooviest picture for my birthday. You make me laugh a lot, and you put up with my rambling about 'bikkits.' I haven't spoken to you so much lately either, but I have been attempting to make up for it. Maybe I'm not a good friend to you. Sorreh. *Huggles*

4. You're lovely but I haven't heard from you in ages. Your character was my character's older sister, and we played them together so well that someone asked if we were really sisters. We had a sisterly friendship too, arguing about anything but always being good friends at the end of it all. You were the overprotective older one, I was the reckless younger one. We both cried a lot when we finally killed off our father. Fluffy feet and pointy ears rule!

5. I haven't heard from you in AGES. WHERE ARE YOU? I've emailed loads! Where have you gone? I miss you so much! You were brilliant at making me smile with your clumsy antics. Please get back in touch. I miss you!

6. You're someone to look up to. I've been sort-of friends with you for a good two years, and you've helped me a lot when I've had decisions to make and problems to face. Thanks.

7. Foot-fluff herself. A school friend, who really is a hobbit. Short and never shuts up. But I love you loads, so never mind. Just remember that an Ooompaloompa is not a good idea.

8. You join in with all my 'kidnap the sweet kids' talk. We take them home, put them in a box then feed them pie. *Huggles*

9. You have the prestigious title of 'first online friend.' Go you. I don't get to speak to you much any more, unless I'm online on weekday mornings. Missing you.

10. Sometimes I don't understand you. Your mind seems to go about two times faster than mine. And I'm (supposedly) intelligent so what are you? But when I do understand you we have a good time.

Guh. Those are so bad.



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