April 21st, 2005

die fetten jaren sind vorbei

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So, today’s been a good day.

Yes, this means Clare is writing a real journal entry about her day, not about potatoes and whether they are sweet or not.

Firstly I woke up of my own accord, instead of being repeatedly yelled at by my parents. That’s always a good start. Then, I had a lift into school so I didn’t have to walk the mile and a half when it’s far too hot. Seriously, I think summer has finally come. And I can’t take my blazer off because then I’d have nowhere to put my discman. And I can’t walk without something blazing in my ears. I always appreciate music and my surroundings a lot more if I’m walking. Nightwish when it’s snowing is magical. But it was too hot to walk, so that was good.

The next good point came at second lesson when we had English and we had to do an informing piece of writing about a job of our choice. Most people chose your regular doctor, teacher etc but I had to choose ICE CREAM MAN! I think the heat was getting to me.

Next good was PE. I’m not much of a PE person except badminton and hockey and occasionally rugby because it’s great fun when played with Becky because you’ll tackle her so many times she gets stroppy and sits down in the muddiest puddle she can find. However, I was doing tennis. I think it’s the one sport I’m worst at and I hate. But for once it was ok, because no one was very good. So yeah, it was fun.

Later in the day it was lunch so I got to eat mine for the first time in a couple of days. I’ve been recording stuff for music for the last couple of days so I haven’t had a chance.

Physics was ok, Chris and I discussed politics. Yay for us being intellectual!

Then I went to music and found out the teacher had a meeting so I couldn’t record after school. So I went home.

But when I got home my headache went away! WOO! It’s been this ghastly fuzzy head for the past day and a half with it often getting worse for a little while. But now it’s gone and I feel loads better.

Also I got a letter from my Godmother today, and she wants to make plans for me to come to see her and her family after my exams, which is good. I’m also going up to Newcastle sometime after my exams. And the Belgium trip with school. Only I’m not really going to know anyone on the trip except Ben, Rob and Tim, who said I could accompany them on their tour of Belgian pubs. Rob even said they’d buy me a drink. Ben added “or seven” to that sentence. And I’m going to Benenden, so it’s all lovely.