Clare (happeh_hobbit) wrote,

Happy Birthday to me!

It's been quite good so far! I even had the entire church singing Happy Birthday to me today :) I'll have to find out who had that idea.

My mum and dad got my the Extended Edition of Return of the King. *Swoon* It's so good. I heart Pippin.

My sister got me "Chorus Line" on DVD. I've never seen that before, so it'll be interesting.

I feel really happy. I love my family. They're all so kind to me.

I gave mum her mother's day presents too. I'm making the dinner today, and I'm going to try making cheesecake, which is mum's favourite.

Cheesecake... Mmmmm.

That's all!

Clare xxxx

Thanks for the Birthday wishes! *Huggles all*

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