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Well, it was the first night of My Fair Lady last night.

Technically, it was the last night. The performances were supposed to be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but the weather got in the way. Yes, it snowed. In the South of England. Only one inch, but it brought a lot of disruption. Stupid really, because they have loads more snow up North and they don’t make nearly as much fuss. Anyway, they postponed the show until Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

It was so much fun! From the moment we heard the orchestra playing the overture and my flower girl friends fell silent I was buzzing with excitement. The flower girls were fabulous, I’m really proud of them all.

The best bit was that I only had one prompt, and I knew the line anyway, I was pausing dramatically. For someone who doesn’t actually do drama I think I wasn’t too bad. The best parts of the night were the Ascot scene, where I was trying so hard to keep a straight face when everyone laughed, and the argument with Andrew (Higgins) after the ball where I make him take the jewels. Only I couldn’t undo the pearl necklace on stage. Then he threw the ring at me so hard that it snapped in half!

Dan (Pickering) and Andrew were so great. I was trying to hard not to laugh at them, especially when they started ad lib-ing bits. Such as when Higgins is singing the line “Pickering, why can’t a woman be like you,” Dan went “Higgins, I’m on the phone!” in this pained voice. Also when the backstage crew forgot to put the telephone on stage and Andrew had the line “I’ll telephone the police” and dashed to his desk to find the telephone wasn’t there. He shouted, “where the devil is my phone!” and one girl had to walk on with it amidst gales of laughter from audience and cast alike. That was great.

So I have two nights to go. I was bouncing by the end, I had so much fun. It’s a bit hectic (4 quick costume changes!) but it was great fun.

I’m scanning in a page of the programme with all the main cast in and our joke life ambitions we did for a bit of fun. Everyone did silly poses for their photos except me and Caroline, but it’s great to look at.

Another school in town are performing West Side Story, and being a boy’s school, they need female cast. So Rose and I are going to go for it. It’d be really fun. WSS is another of my favourite musicals. My all-time favourites list is as follows:

1. Les Miserables
2. West Side Story
3. My Fair Lady
4. Phantom of the Opera
5. The Sound of Music
6. Mary Poppins
7. Chicago
8. Oklahoma
9. Guys and Dolls
10. Singin’ In The Rain
11. On The Town
12. On Your Toes
13. Oliver!
14. Show Boat
15. Cats
16. Beauty and the Beast
17. Fiddler On The Roof
18. Porgy and Bess (Technically an opera, but never mind!)
19. Hello Dolly
20. The Lion King

That’s the top 20. I could carry on, but I’ll spare you!

Gosh, I’m such a Julie Andrews fan. I insisted on taking my Eliza from hers, not Audrey Hepburn/Marni Nixon’s. I’ve got three Julie Andrews leading roles in the top 10. I’m quite pathetic.

I created a new character while I’ve been away from the ‘net. I’ll work on him for a bit then maybe audition him for the comm. I think he’s great. But, then again, I’m biased.

--Clare xxx
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I watched the best programme on TV EVER last night.

I mean it, best EVER.

It was about the history of the Broadway Musical. -Sigh-

I knew it was going to be amazing from the clip they played of Phantom at the start. It was the bit in "Phantom of the Opera" where they both sing "Your/My spirit and my/your voice, in one combined," and it just gave me the shivers.

I also saw "Breakfast At Tiffany's" last night. I think I was having this mad 'I'm-going-to-watch-TV-because-I-never-do' thing. Heh. It was great though, I love the ending of that film, in the rain when she's searching for the cat.

Today we're tidying up from Gran and Grandad. Tomorrow I have a choir concert in Rochester. -Snurgle missing Nightwish snurgle-

Not going to be updating for a while, because (in case you didn't know) I am Eliza in my school's production of 'My Fair Lady' next week. So wish me luck.

Clare xxx
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Someone had some rather amusing alternative lyrics for Wishmaster, so I turned 'em into an icon.

Eheheheh. I find it amusing, even if no one else does. -Smirk-

--Clare xxx
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Oh, and did I mention who's going to be playing the part of Eliza Doolittle for our school's production of My Fair Lady?
Guess. Go on. Guess.

Loads of people at school older than me hate me, because they believe they should have got the part because I still have 3 years left at that school and they have one. Jealous. Heh.
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Stolen from NC

Instructions: write ten [very personal] statements intended to different people. never tell which one is for who. (they do not have to be on your friends list)

1. You. You're my best friend in the whole entire world. That sounds cheesy. I've known you since we were ten and nine years old, and we enjoy singing together and both share a love of frogs, monkeys and pirate gold.

2. I haven't spoken to you so regularly lately, but you're a very spiffy person. You -taught- me how to RP-non-LotR, and even though it's not -that- hard a crossover, you still taught me a lot about developing characters and giving them specific habits etc.

3. You did me the grooviest picture for my birthday. You make me laugh a lot, and you put up with my rambling about 'bikkits.' I haven't spoken to you so much lately either, but I have been attempting to make up for it. Maybe I'm not a good friend to you. Sorreh. *Huggles*

4. You're lovely but I haven't heard from you in ages. Your character was my character's older sister, and we played them together so well that someone asked if we were really sisters. We had a sisterly friendship too, arguing about anything but always being good friends at the end of it all. You were the overprotective older one, I was the reckless younger one. We both cried a lot when we finally killed off our father. Fluffy feet and pointy ears rule!

5. I haven't heard from you in AGES. WHERE ARE YOU? I've emailed loads! Where have you gone? I miss you so much! You were brilliant at making me smile with your clumsy antics. Please get back in touch. I miss you!

6. You're someone to look up to. I've been sort-of friends with you for a good two years, and you've helped me a lot when I've had decisions to make and problems to face. Thanks.

7. Foot-fluff herself. A school friend, who really is a hobbit. Short and never shuts up. But I love you loads, so never mind. Just remember that an Ooompaloompa is not a good idea.

8. You join in with all my 'kidnap the sweet kids' talk. We take them home, put them in a box then feed them pie. *Huggles*

9. You have the prestigious title of 'first online friend.' Go you. I don't get to speak to you much any more, unless I'm online on weekday mornings. Missing you.

10. Sometimes I don't understand you. Your mind seems to go about two times faster than mine. And I'm (supposedly) intelligent so what are you? But when I do understand you we have a good time.

Guh. Those are so bad.


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I’m back from holiday. It was fun, especially the part at Gatwick airport when they searched my mum ‘cause her electric toothbrush made a funny shape on the X-Ray machine. Not so funny when the Italian airport staff questioned me about my pack of biscuits. Mum reckons they looked odd ‘cause they were all crumbled at the bottom. But I got my Italian bikkits back.
I’m so sorry I haven’t updated for ages. It’s not my fault. Mum’s been ill etc so she barely lets me in her room long enough to upload my d-land entry, let alone LJ. I’m really sorry.
But she’s out now so hey.
I went to Italy for 2 weeks. Tuscany, near Florence. It was great. There was a lot of little kids at the villa this year, so I was happy. There’s six apartments in the villa; Cecco, Beppe, Dante, Gigi, Dino and Piero. We always have Gigi. Cause, apart from Cecco, it’s the best. But Cecco’s for 7-8 people. There’s 4 of us.
Next door to us (in Piero) was a Dutch couple and their 2y-o son, Reuben. He was funny, he kept toddling over to our door and saying ‘hello.’ One of the other little kids was Gaia, the daughter of Steffano who was looking after the place. She went to play with Reuben for every day of the first week. Her older sister, Marie-Sol, was a tiny baby when Steffano last looked after the place when we were there. Now she’s nearly seven. We’ve been there 4 times, Steffano and Franca (his wife) were there the first time, with Marie-Sol the baby. The time after it was Laura, Steffano’s younger sister, and her boyfriend Andreas. The second week that time we were looked after by Roberto and Monica, Roberto being Steffano and Laura’s older brother. They have about 4 kids but they’re not little. The third time it was just Roberto and Monica.
This time we got to see Steffano, Franca and Marie-Sol again. And Gaia. But not again where she’s concerned. The second week was Laura and Andreas, who’s now her husband, and their baby Victoria.
So there were lots of little children around our side, because Gaia and sometimes Victoria came to play with Reuben.
That took long to explain.
The Spanish lot were there again. We’d seen them briefly two years before, the last time we went. Ruth made friends with Daniella, Berta and Edwardo, the Spanish children. They did well, considering Ruth doesn’t speak Spanish. Daniella spoke to her and interpreted to the other two, who were younger.
There were a ton of Belgian people there this year. There was a family the first week who were in Beppe and they kept coming ‘round our side of the house and stealing our sunloungers, even though there’s loads on the other side that weren’t being used. The second week there was about 15-16 Belgians, complete with a ton of kids. They weren’t very nice though. I understood their bitching though, because they were French-speaking Belgians.
And of course the Unwin family were there the second week, after the Spanish lot left. We see them every time we go there.
But I’ve talked for enough time. I’d better go see to d-land.
-Nightwish. Band. Go check out. They're brilliant.
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Blip. Long entry coming soon, I promise. Until then, not a lot.
I just wish Dan would stop that infuriating "Away" status. Just when you need to talk to someone, they're 'away.' So typical.