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"...we should open the doors and close the ones that we've left behind..."

.Clare. .18. .British.

"...you make my heart, you make my tired heart sing..."

♥ Singing, Keyboard, MAOS, strawberries, people at music, writing, digital art, travelling, London, Choir Tour, cacti, ribbons, blossom falling from trees, rain, sunshine, the sound of music, stress pigs, traffic lights, flamingos, reading, everyone at the comm, FMB, dancing, laughter.

"...life is waiting for the one who loves to live..."

Heroes: Tori Amos, Arjen Lucassen, Marcela Bovio, Floor Jansen, Simone Simons, Fiona Apple...

"...just follow your heart, you've waited long enough..."

Current layout by premade_ljs, header by me.
Featuring Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennet.
Shhh, it's not incest in my mind.
Cap from dj_capslock.
Friends only banner by me.
Userinfo layout of "The Edukators" (German: Die fetten jaren sind vorbei)
It's an amazing film, go watch it.
Graphics can be found at silent_emulsion.